There’s only one winner

Before there were many, there was one. A very special one. LiveScore invented live scoretracking. Today the playing field has become crowded with noisy neighbours. We helped them create a new brand framework and visual identity, all based on in-depth research and data that puts them back on top.

Role and services

  • Brand Strategy
  • Audience research
  • Brand visual identity
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Campaigns

It’s more than a score

Starting with an in-depth “Think” phase we redefined the LiveScore brand around detailed analysis of their audience, their competitors and themselves. Using our Evidence Based Creativity framework we gave the brand clarity, clearly articulating a vision that resonates with audiences, in clear white space away from competitors.

Making it easier to be a fan

LiveScore is simple. Goal goes in. You instantly get a notification. We created a brand that celebrates that simplicity. With a specially set up Fan Forum we were able to get real-life insights to ensure we got it right.

A new badge

With the brand in place, we set about creating a new LiveScore kit. We changed the logo. Added a more electric colour palette. And created a new visual identity for the brand. In every game there’s a player that changes the course of events. We created a brand visual and verbal identity that celebrates the main man or main woman as they shift the momentum. Backed up by bold typography, tone of voice and energetic passionate moments from the game, the result is a big win for LiveScore.

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